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design: Ada Kezić, MA Design (product) & Krešimir Ćavar, MA Design (graphic)
3D visualization: Zoran Šunjić, MA Design (product) 
year of realization: 2013
competition organization: Invented4
client: Japan Tobacco International Ltd.


Concept description:

"2 in 1" concept follow the company’s slogan “Discover more”. “2in1” works through two different models of ashtrays. It depends of turning the side of ashtray – up side or down side which is windproof. It’s easy to clean, use, carry and store. Ashtray should be monochrome (silver color) or partially painted yellow (up side) and blue (down side) If in color version, it’s perfect for creating 2 different atmospheres – day/night.

Discover more - inside one ashtray discover two!

Suggested measurements:
The total size of ashtray is ø130 mm with wall thickness 3 mm.

Suggested material:
heat-resistant plastic like termosets or termoplastics manufactured with injection or simple molding (large serial production – economically profitable). Exclusive type of ashtray should be made of stainless steel or aluminum. (small serial production)



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