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About us

A1 FORMAT studio for product design, interior/exterior and graphic design was founded 2013 by it's owner Ada Kezic, professional designer.
After working eleven years as inhouse designer for several Croatian manufacturer and few years of freelance activity, she decided to start her own studio for product, interior and graphic design.
Today, A1 FORMAT has a colaboration team of designers, architects, engineers and manufacturers, so it offers a multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive concepts which transform great ideas into outstanding products/projects and services through creative synergy depending of diversity projects. We have also received several national and international design awards.

Our scopes are:

  • industrial / product design – design or redesign of products (research, development and rationalization of products of wood plinth materials, solid wood, metal, plastic and other materials;(specialized in furniture) from the idea/concept to detailed project
  • expo design (design of stands and showrooms, concepts of exhibitions);
  • interior design (design and furnishing of apartments, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, other gastronomic facilities and tourist objects, offices, bookstores, banks, kindergartens, playgrounds, other public institutions, etc.);
  • exterior – urban furniture and signage design
  • graphic design (visual identity, graphic concept solutions and prepress for logos, visitcards, memos, brochures, catalogues, jumbo billboards etc
  • eco design (specially environmentally conscious designed products)
  • organizing workshops, presentation, lectures and other activities
  • architectural projects of facilietes for different purposes: private, residential, commercial, health, congress, tourism, cultural as well as public town squares
  • the overall architectural projects of the facilities with the cultural property status: the documenting of the cultural property, research and conservation works and all levels of projects for new purpose
  • professional and project supervision over construction


We are at Your disposal for all Your present and future projects.


Our team

Ada Kezić

Ada Kezić, product designer. Till 2010, she worked as in-house designer for several Croatian furniture manufacturers. After freelance status, 2013 she founded A1 FORMAT design studio. She prefers projects that integrate industrial/product design, interior, exhibition and graphic design, especially ecological design. She is a professional member of the Croatian Design Association, Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts and president of Association for Industrial Design at Croatian Chamber of Economy. She cooperates with the relevant Croatian furniture manufacturers. She was manager for lot of design contests and workshops, as well as head or member of the jury. Also held lectures…

Petar Krešimir Ćavar

Petar Kresimir Ćavar, a professional designer graduated at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb in 1997. Previously, in 1990 he graduated the Graphic Arts at the School for Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb, in the class of professor N.Poljan, with honors, on the theme of making multicolored posters in screen printing. Until 2009 he worked as a graphic designer in two advertising agencies, printing office CFB, and cartoon studio "Croatia film“, Zagreb –as the retoucher of airbrushed film templates. During that period in the agencies he participated in several national and international festivals in the field…

Irena Jurin

Irena Jurin, MA Architecture, born in Zagreb 1956. She graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb in 1982. She is founder of architectural bureau, Adria Project Ltd., which started in 2005 and it is specialized for protection and restoration of the cultural (architectural) heritage.As a leading architect she participated in many cultural heritage projects, among which is the Reconstruction project of the Castle Odeschalchi in Ilok, Sanation project of Theatre Ivan Zajc in Rijeka, the Remediation project of the Castle Erdody-Rubido in Gornja Rijeka, and so on.She is licensed architect for cultural heritage, as well as authorized architect…




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