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eNeN table


design: Ada Kezić, MA Design
year of realization: 2014
photo: Dražen Lapić


This table is different from the others by its unusually playful legs. Inspired by the letter "N", which was used for the legs of the table, they are mirrored and rotated 180 degrees and transversely mounted in the form of the letter "X". The legs are in the upper part connected to the tabletop by direct passage through the top, which gives exceptional strength and stability of the table.

It can be used primarily as a desk or as a dining table. It is made of of oak 4 cm thick, surface treated and protected with ecological oil. The dimensions are 180x100x75 cm.


Exhibitions & Fairs:

  • 2018 Ambienta, Zagreb
  • 2017 Ambienta, Zagreb
  • 2016 Solo exhibition ecoFurniture, Galerija Bernardo Bernardi, Zagreb
  • 2015. Brand&sings month of design Ljubljana
  • 2014 Exhibition of members of AfID, Ambienta, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2014 Exhibition of members of AfID, Center for design, CEC, Draskoviceva 45, Zagreb, Croatia


  • 2014 Silver plaque Mobil Optimum, Ambienta, Zagreb, Croatia





contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044



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