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Bookva L, M, S

design: Ada Kezić, MA Design
year of realization: 2017
photo: Dražen Lapic


part of the ETO product collection

Large, medium and small set of trays, cutting boards and cup coasters.


Bookva S

A small set containing a tray, a cutting board / bottle holder and 3 cup coasters.

Bookva S (small set)

Dimension:  174x174x30 mm


Bookva M

Medium-sized set containing a tray, a cutting board / coaster for 2 bottles and 6 cup coasters.

Bookva M (medium size set)

Dimension: 300x174x30 mm weight:


Bookva L

Large set containing a tray, a cutting board / coaster for 3 bottles and 9 cup coasters.

Book L (large set)

Dimension: 300x174x30 mm


Bookva collection is made of certified Croatian beech of the highest quality.

The cup coasters  are made of rubberized cork Ø90 mm.

Due to its hardness, and certain antibacterial properties, beech is more suitable for making useful household  items which are in direct contact with food, compared to plastic, steel or other types of wood.







contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044



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