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design: Ada Kezić, MA Design
year of realization: 2019.
photo: Dražen Lapić


Inspired by the simplistic shape of the Kala flower, the same name floor lamp requires us to interact with each other. Just as we care for flowers that are sometimes a reflection of our spirit, we can easily place „flowers“ in different positions (live, wilted, twisted), which is made possible by a construction made of flexible tubes that are wrapped with so-called zip fasteners liners. As the “liners” can be easily removed, we get a lamp stripped to the core of an industrial appearance. The liners can be made in different colors (as requested by the investor) and the innovation is in the material used for "liners" or wash paper, which makes it easy to wash in the washing machine and even irons if needed. Lamps can be made in combination of 7, 5, 3 or only one flower of different lengths (30 - 150 cm).



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Match 1, Match 2, Match 3 (floor lamp high, medium, low)

Design: Ada Kezić, MA Design
Year of reaization: 2014


A1 FORMAT product | interior | design studio
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Brand ETO
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