Wellness office - WING reclining chair
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Wellness office - WING reclining chair

design: Ada Kezić, MA design
associate: Darko Pavlović, mechanical engineer
year of realization: 2008


WING – reclining chair (Wellness office-creative work unit)

Reclining chair with simple lines inspired by „wings“ forms from nature and a modern design with built-in highly sophisticated equipment, which, with its electronically controlled mechanisam provides the highest degree of user convenience.

Reclining chair Wing is designed for rest, relaxation and easy change of posture from sitting to laying.

If it's placed in a separate room with vertical system of handles for computer, monitor and keyboard, it allows users to work in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

With manual control it's easy to adjusts the angle of backside of reclining chair according to the needs and desires of user.


Awards & Appreciations:

  • 2008 ambienta - golden plaque Mobil Optimum (for Wellness office)
  • 2008 ambienta - special acknowledgement for the high level of overall performance                                                                        



  • 2008 ambienta Zagreb





contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044

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Brand ETO
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